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Development Historyrss
Setting sail

Setting sail: It started the aluminum profile business with honesty and quality priority during 1993-1997

- In 1993, by taking the opportunity of China’s reform and opening-up and Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour, Brothers Cao, the founder of JMA, led 38 key founding members of JMA to start the business of “JMA” and the first generation of “JMA” aluminum materials were produced. At the beginning of the business, JMA upheld the business philosophy of “honest operation and quality first” to create a “three-no” (no salesman, no slow-moving products, no chain debts) unique operation model of JMA. The demands on its products exceeded the supply and JMA has loyal customers, suppliers and partners and established a quality policy of “good quality for customers and good reputation known by all”, which had been used to present days.

Transformation: It introduced advanced technologies and adopted standards to become the industry leader during 1998-2006

-It was the first in the industry to introduce a series of the world’s most advanced equipments from production to detection, providing a foundation for JMA to go international, making JMA technologies and equipment stand high in the great companies of aluminum materials and enabling JMA to become the industry leader. In 1998, JMA was the first to participate in the standard formulation as a private enterprise and regulated its sustainable development and drove the progress of the whole industry with standards. It established the JMA spirits of “healthy atmosphere and harmony, caring the staff, efficiency and innovation, pursuing excellence”, which have been used so far.
Going upward in the trend

Going upward in the trend: It integrated resources and popularized the brand to become the industry leader during 2007-2010

-On the basis of integrity, quality, large scale and high capacity, the enterprise has given JMA brand more social responsibilities and meaning of scientific development. In 2007, it established a large production base of up to 800,000 ㎡ and had the production equipment with domestic leading technical level and modernized factory buildings, as well as allocated resources from all parties to further deepen the brand building, enabling the brand building to be scientific and systematic. It established the brand strategy of “building the enterprise with culture, winning with innovation, looking out to the world while based on China” and took the advantage of brand to build up a strategic production base.
Casting perfection

Casting perfection: It was transformed and upgraded to re-reap the brilliance and pursue global excellence in 2011

-Facing with rising costs, real estate regulation, market competition and other daunting and complex challenges, the Company’s executives have clearly understood that innovation is the key to the future survival and development of the enterprise and promoted the innovation to become the theme of JMA. It developed four strategies, including brand, talents, transformation and innovation, and marketing, improved the company’s management through learning and excellent performance, made clear the development goals of transformation and upgrading and established the core value of “insist on pursuing perfection”.