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JMA Company has a whole set of complete production processes and mechanical equipments for the aluminum profile R&D and design, casting, extruding, mold design and manufacturing, surface treatment (anodizing, electrophoresis coating, powder coating, fluorocarbon painting), thermal break profile processing and further mahcining of window & door and curtain walls, etc. and possesses a complete aluminum profile production chain and auxiliary processes, as well as a whole set of technological processes and production workshops. Its main products include mill finish, anodized profile, electrophoresis coating profile, powder coating profile, fluorocarbon coating profile, thermal break profile, wood grain profile and finished window & door and curtain wall. l.
Exhaust smoke abatement and dust control and desulfurizationmeltingextrudingquality inspectionpackaginganodizingelectrophoresis powder coatingfluorocarbon paintingheat insulation and energy-saving profilefurther machiningconstruction profilesconstruction profiles

  • Exhaust smoke abatement and dust control and desulfurization

  • melting

  • extruding

  • quality inspection

  • packaging

  • anodizing

  • electrophoresis

  • powder coating

  • fluorocarbon painting

  • heat insulation and energy-saving profile

  • further machining

  • construction profiles

  • construction profiles

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